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Honourable MUN Directors, esteemed delegates, respected committee Chairs and welcome guests,

DIMUN is back! The ninth annual Dulwich International Model United Nations conference (DIMUN X) will be held at Dulwich College Beijing from 1st of March to 3rd of March 2019.

Model United Nations is a unique opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of world affairs and improve their public speaking skills through research, discussion and debate with other international students who share the same passions.

At DIMUN X, Key Stage 3 (middle school) delegates will be debating a total of 34 topics in eight different committees. The conference will be supported by experienced Key Stage 4/5 (high school) chairs and the DIMUNITE press team, led by Secretaries-General Erik Chen and Yi Xin Lee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or any questions regarding the conference at: [email protected]

Beyond Borders

As the worlds strives ever forwards into the twenty-first century, we enter a new age of diplomacy. Much of the issues now being debated by the United Nations is no longer between nation-states. Rather, non-state parties are far more often discussed. Indeed, technology has given the individual more power than ever to express their views and in light of the many conflicts, refugee crisis, and independence movements that have arisen in the turn of the century, it becomes ever the more important that diplomacy be as much nation to people as it is nation to nation. Thus, this year at DIMUN X, we encourage you to look ever more beyond borders, to the individuals that makes up this world.

Message From the Founders

Honourable Directors, Distinguished Chairs, and most of all Esteemed Delegates, The Dulwich International Model United Nations (DIMUN) conference was created to bring MUN to students often considered too young to fully understand, appreciate, and participate in the complexities of politics, debates, and problem-solving. When we came up with the idea for DIMUN, at around sixteen years old, we had already attended several Model UN conferences around the Asia Pacific and knew that this perception was completely wrong.

DIMUN was therefore founded to provide opportunities for Key Stage 3 (middle school) to experience Model UN in an academically rigorous but supportive environment, with the guidance that new delegates and directors deserve. At the heart of the DIMUN experience is the belief that MUN should be by and for students, and that with open minds, curiosity, and creativity, students are willing and able to rise to every challenge.

Miranda Melcher, Founder of DIMUN, Secretary-General DIMUN I, February 2011, President of Model United Nations at Dulwich College Beijing, 2009-2012, Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2012
Benjamin Tan, Secretary-General DIMUN II, February 2012, President of Model United Nations at Dulwich College Beijing, 2012-2013, Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2013