Meet Our Student Executive Officer Team

The DIMUN conference is organised and run by an organising team made entirely of students, with the support of Dulwich College Beijing and MUN Directors. Leading this team and DIMUN VIII are the Executive Student Officers below:



Deputy Secretary-General

Deputy Secretary-General

Secretary-General Emeritus:

Head of Admin

Head Of Press

Head of Tech

Yi Wen Lee: Secretary-General Emeritus

  • Esteemed directors, honourable chairs and respected delegates,

    Welcome to DIMUN VIII! It is with great honour that I will be serving this conference as your Secretary-General Emeritus. Whether you are a seasoned diplomat or completely new to MUN, this conference will provide a completely new experience for everyone – DIMUN conferences are more than just a place for intellectual sparring, they are gatherings where students forge bonds with one another and create treasured memories that stay with them throughout their MUN career.

    Since I entered the MUN community four years ago, I have been to numerous conferences as an admin, a delegate, a chair and as a Secretary-General. These powerful experiences have helped me foster a growing appreciation for this subject and I hope that DIMUN will positively impact you in many ways. Indeed, I am confident that this year’s team will give you ample opportunity to make the most of DIMUN VIII.

Jackel Cheung: Secretary-General

  • Esteemed directors, student officers, delegates, and guests,

    It is my upmost honoured to serve as your Secretary-General for DIMUN VIII. My own MUN career began with hesitation and insecurities but after serving as delegate and student officer for the past years I have had the pleasure in approaching MUN in various perspectives.

    For nearly a decade, DIMUN has shown its commitment to excellence and professionalism in addition to fostering lifelong friendships between delegates. DIMUN has been a platform for developing public speaking and diplomacy skills and as the same time carries the belief in the virtues of multilateralism that are imperative in today’s world of diplomacy.

    As your Secretary-General, I will be devoted to providing a friendly and intellectual atmosphere for DIMUN VIII. I look forward to seeing what you have to bring to DIMUN and hope you enjoy a rewarding experience.

Sunho Kwon: Secretary-General

  • Honorable directors, distinguished participants, and welcomed guests,

    My name is Sunho Kwon, and it is my utmost honor to be serving as your Secretary General for this year’s DIMUN VIII conference. DIMUN provides an opportunity to all participants to foster both their global awareness and debating experience. Most importantly, DIMUN has been and will continue to be proud of its unique vibe of enthusiasm, which creates a welcoming atmosphere that nurtures the new delegates and acts as a space for close interaction and social activities between all participants. No matter how experienced you are and no matter where you are from, you will be able to reap a completely new experience and learn a valuable lesson from DIMUN.

    I started walking on the path of MUN 2 years ago. Starting as a delegate, I have faced countless challenges to overcome my shy personality. MUN was definitely the turning point of my life, where I completely changed my personality and fully developed as a leader. Above all, I can clearly remember all the conferences I have been through and all the people I have met. Every conference taught me something new, and I believed this unique experience had to be spread. This acted as a fuel to drive me forward and helped me take the final step. I am now here to assist leading DIMUN VIII, allowing all participants to go through the unique experience I was lucky enough to get.

    Welcome to DIMUN VIII.

Jennifer Zhou: Deputy Secretary-General

  • Esteemed directors, student officers, delegates, and guests,

    I am currently attending Year 11 at Dulwich College Beijing and have been involved in MUN for over two years. From debating resolutions as a delegate, to running committees as a chair, and finally to overseeing DIMUN as a member of the core team, I have thoroughly treasured and appreciated every moment of my MUN experience. It is my honor to serve you as your Deputy Secretary-General for DIMUN VIII and I hope we can work together to create an enjoyable and productive conference.

Samuel Chan: Deputy Secretary-General

  • Honourable directors and esteemed delegates,

    I am delighted to be part of the DIMUN VIII Student Executive Officer Team, and am honoured to be Secretary General of this year’s conference. Through my experiences in MUN, I have never failed to see the passion, diplomacy and enthusiasm of delegates. Whether they are debating or discussing in these conferences, I am eager to see the potential and skill that delegates have. It is indeed inspiring to see so many young people willing to tackle, resolve and have a further understanding of global issues. I look forward to meeting all the delegates, working with the directors, and be prepared to have a fruitful and meaningful conference.

Ashley Wong: Head of Admin

  • Honorable Directors, distinguished delegates, esteemed chairs, and welcomed guests

    it is an honour to be serving as your Head of Admin for this year’s DIMUN VIII conference. DIMUN is a place where great minds connect, great ideas flourish, and great memories are made. More importantly, DIMUN is a place where delegates learn more about what it means to be a citizen of the world.

    Alongside my deputy, Jeffrey Liang, and the rest of the Admin Team, I will do everything I can to ensure that the conference runs as smoothly as possible. We hope to see you soon!

Matthew Cui: Head of Press

  • Honorable Directors, distinguished delegates, esteemed chairs, and welcomed guests

    It is my upmost honor to be selected the Head of Press for DIMUN VIII. Being a member of the Press Team last year, I experienced the magic of DIMUN: watching young students dressed so smartly, talking about the future of the planet. Sitting in the room with these vibrant delegates and future world leaders has enabled me to learn so much too.

    The Press Team will be responsible to produce three issues of the DIMUNITE magazine during the course of the conference. These magazines will include highlights from the day, articles published by experienced student-writers, as well as fun activities such as crosswords and word-searches. Our photographers will also be tirelessly taking photos that will be available on request for all the participating schools.

    Again, it is a huge honor to serve as this role, and I look forward to seeing you all!

Shenyi Cui: Head of Tech

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Jeffrey Liang: Deputy-Head Admin

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    Joshua Earle

Kevin Yao: Junior Executive Member

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    Joshua Earle

Student Officers

General Assembly First Committee [GA 1]
Ji (Hannah) Nan
Evan Lu

General Assembly Second Committee [GA 2]
Daniel Cai
Ivy Kang

Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC]
Yi Xin Lee
Jung Woo Hong

Environment Commission [ENV]
May Lee
Ah Song Cho

Human Rights Council [HRC]
Kelsey Fu
Karl Stuecker

Special Conference on Southeast and Central Asia [SPC]
Yichu Huang
Chaewon Park

Disarmament Council [DIS]
Aalia Labrador
Shawn Teh

Security Council [SC]
Haerin Kim
Eric Choi
Jonathan Ng

Advisory Panel [AP]
Julie Zhang
Michelle Zhang


Delegate Preparation Guide          How to write a resolution


Delegates must be in Years 7 – 9 (Grades 6 – 8), and no previous MUN experience is necessary. However, high-school students who wish to join DIMUN VIII are welcome to join the Advisory Panel; a new committee that has been opened specially for interested high-school students. At the conference, each committee will have one delegate per country.

Prior to the conference, delegates are required to research their assigned countries in order to represent them effectively in debate. They must also research their individual topics and prepare draft resolutions to be merged during lobbying. Delegates are also expected to be familiar with debate procedures, although committee Chairs will assist all delegates. Our Delegate Guide is available here and contains preparation and research guidelines, a sample resolution, the official DIMUN debate procedures and other relevant information.

Conference Theme

Looking forward through the past

Statement Of Purpose

Dulwich International Model United Nations was founded by Miranda Melcher and Benjamin Tan in 2010. Though we did not have the privilege of witnessing them build DIMUN from scratch, their initial resolve and ardour continues to inspire us today. The annual DIMUN conference serves to provide curious middle school students with the opportunity to discover and experience MUN from a young age.

The rigid procedures and crowded committee rooms of MUN are not as apparent at DIMUN conferences; It’s a reminder of the basics of diplomacy: the simplest form of dialogue in order to achieve unanimity. DIMUN Delegates needn’t be seasoned, polished MUN debaters. We look for delegates who are not restricted by pre-conditioned approaches to global issues but have their original perspective, original perspectives that will become the foundation of tomorrow’s world. There will be no restraints at DIMUN: no judgement, no censorship, just opportunity.

DIMUN was created by Students, led by students and will continue to be led by students for many years to come. Our philosophy was shaped by the belief that each ‘generation’ of MUNers will inspire the next and advise them with their experience. The paths we pave now will make it easier for the next to discover their own.

Every Secretary-General, before and after me, pledge to guide, lead and stand to serve each participant of DIMUN, and I have faith that the legacy of DIMUN will continue to unreservedly serve the global community.

Jackel Cheung
Secretary-General DIMUN VIII, March 2017-2018
MUN/Debating Prefect 2017-2018
Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2019

Message From Founder

Honourable Directors, Distinguished Chairs, and most of all Esteemed Delegates, The Dulwich International Model United Nations (DIMUN) conference was created to bring MUN to students often considered too young to fully understand, appreciate, and participate in the complexities of politics, debates, and problem-solving. When we came up with the idea for DIMUN, at around sixteen years old, we had already attended several Model UN conferences around the Asia Pacific and knew that this perception was completely wrong.

DIMUN was therefore founded to provide opportunities for Key Stage 3 (middle school) to experience Model UN in an academically rigorous but supportive environment, with the guidance that new delegates and directors deserve. At the heart of the DIMUN experience is the belief that MUN should be by and for students, and that with open minds, curiosity, and creativity, students are willing and able to rise to every challenge.

Miranda Melcher
Founder of DIMUN
Secretary-General DIMUN I, February 2011
President of Model United Nations at Dulwich College Beijing, 2009-2012
Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2012

Benjamin Tan
Secretary-General DIMUN II, February 2012
President of Model United Nations at Dulwich College Beijing, 2012-2013
Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2013, Head Boy


DIMUN I Miranda Melcher, Yale Graduate, King’s College PhD Candidate
DIMUN II Benjamin Tan, Oxford Undergraduate
DIMUN III Richard Zhuang, Imperial College London Masters Candidate
DIMUN III Kyoka Kosugi, Brown Undergraduate
DIMUN IV JinJu Choi, SNU Undergraduate
DIMUN V Matthew Xie, Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate
DIMUN V Julie Kim, KUBS Undergraduate
DIMUN VI Silvia Shen, Oxford Undergraduate
DIMUN VI Johanna Shen, Yale Undergraduate
DIMUN VII Haerin Kim
DIMUN VIII Jackel Cheung