General Assembly 1

Combating the spread of diseases in South-East Asia

Addressing the misconduct of UN peacekeepers

Improving access to clean water and medical infrastructure in Afghanistan

Ensuring voting security in transitional countries in the Balkan region

General Assembly 2

Measures to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases

Measures to aid the transition to renewable energy in developing East Asian nations

Protecting the rights of non-combatant individuals in in the Yemeni Civil War

Measures to recover radiation contaminated zones

Environment Commission

Preventing the acceleration of climate change

Measures to restore environments damaged by man-made disasters in the Caribbean

Combating desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sustainable urban planning in rapidly developing countries

Economic and Social Council

Addressing the issue of urban slums in South America

Improving infrastructure for technological growth in developing African economies

Addressing the economic crisis in Venezuela

Addressing the role of the internet in international crime

Human Rights Council

Measures to protect the movement of refugees

Measures to combat international human trafficking

Addressing the issue of child labourers in Asia

Measures to rehabilitate internally displaced persons

Special Conference on Non-State Actors

Measures to improve recognition of Kurdish minorities in the Middle East

Measures to facilitate peace discussion with remaining ISIS groups in Syria

Measures to reduce violence from drug cartels in Mexico

Preventing the distribution of counterfeit medicine

Disarmament Council

Preventing the militarization of outer space

Addressing the issue of biological weapons in warfare

Facilitating the aftermath of the Syrian civil war

Providing a resolution for the possibility of a nuclear crisis

Security Council

The regulation of international arms corporations

De-escalation of nuclear armament in the DPRK

Measures to reduce the armament of paramilitary forces in the Libyan Civil War

Advisory Panel

The question of humanitarian exemptions on the sanction regime of the DPRK

Rebuilding infrastructure damaged as a result of the Libyan Civil War