This year, DIMUN is taking a step towards a total paperless conference by utilising the MUNApp!
MUNApp was first developed by Jay Yu for DISMUN, and has since shared the application to several MUN conferences to use to become a truly paperless conference.

In order to use this application, you will need to install a Java Runtime Environment to run the app. A Java Installer can be found by searching up "Java Runtime Environment" on the Internet and directly downloading from Oracle's website. This is the best way to ensure that your runtime environment is up to date.

Alternatively, you can download the installers from the links below:

Click here to download the Windows version
Click here to download the Mac version

Upon opening the MUNApp, there may be a message stating that the App is "from an unidentified developer" and therefore cannot be opened (on newer versions of macOS).
Don't panic, your computer isn't infected with some virus. Go into System Preferences ––> Security & Privacy and click "Open Anyway" at the bottom. You will need an Admin password to open the MUNApp.


Please download the kit you need for the conference:

Such as the "Delegate's Kit" if you are a delegate, "Admin Kit" if you are an admin, etc.